WBS Memory Wall

Roselinah Hlelani, 2014

I graduated in 2014. The course had a positive impact on my life, especially in business and in the working environment in general. I had …

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Benny Hlengani, MAP, 2017-2018

I remember, spending late nights with syndicate members doing assignments, networking and sharing Ideas on various modules such as finance and strategy…. Rehearsing marketing and …

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Christin Mueller

After coming back from South Africa to Germany I started my career at Mercedes. I had the great opportunity to work for a well-known company and brand. I made a corporate career by going through different projects, functions and divisions. But after some years I had doubts that the corporate career path was the right one for me.

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Nicky Hambleton-Jones

The most defining moment in my career so far was the opportunity to present and be a style expert for the global hit makeover show 10 Years Younger which was broadcast at primetime on Channel 4 in the UK.

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Jovana Korać

It is my fundamental belief that social entrepreneurship is the future of doing business. Shared value equates to shared growth – across industries and communities.

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Mathew Allan, PDM & MBA, 2013-2018

My abiding memories of Wits Business School were late nights, early mornings, the tough task of managing syndicates as well as the balancing of family, …

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