Takeshi Kimura

Takeshi Kimura

Current title
Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Course at Wits Business School
Master of Business Administration, 2007


A defining moment in my career

There is no doubt that applying to business school can be a very stressful undertaking. However, even after my graduation more than ten years ago, I can say Wits Business School was a great fit and special for me with quality time spent. My time at WBS brings a lot of good memories and inspirations from numerous courses as well as from professors and lecturers including business professionals with their contagious passion, and fellow classmates with their high motivation and desire to be business leaders in international careers.


My greatest privilege at WBS was embracing other cultures in diversity and gaining insights that I could not take away if I stayed at my home country in Japan. Graduating from WBS was a key step in setting me up for success in my business career and my life. Since then I’ve had the opportunity of working in Germany for a while as an expatriate, but I always have my heart with WBS and friends in South Africa. I am most grateful to faculty, classmates and business colleagues for their huge support. They are my lifelong friends as the priceless and the most important asset in my life.

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