Priya Rowjee - 50 Years of WBS
50 Years of Memories at Wits Business School
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Priya Rowjee

Current title
Strategist; Social Entrepreneur; Part-time Academic


Course at Wits Business School
Master of Business Administration, 2014


A defining moment in my career

Building a good career can be seen as a formula: defining goals + taking the necessary actions to achieve them = a linear move up the corporate ladder and into the corner office. However, what if the ladder is placed up against the wrong wall, or is a free-standing ladder that doesn’t lead anywhere? This was the realisation I had early on in my career as an intern. I knew that I didn’t want to build a curriculum vitae, but rather to have a lasting positive impact on the world. Through a journey of self-reflection, I connected the dots and defined my purpose: architecting Africa to be the innovation capital of the world, and move from #AfricaRising to #AfricaLeading.


This clarity has linked me to opportunities aligned to my purpose and enables me to achieve the highest expression of my talent. I deliver on this with passion every day, which requires courage, resilience and tenacity. As I continue on my journey, I have made self reflection my personal discipline – to remain true to my values as I seek to advance my unique strengths. On this path, I constantly remind myself of Nelson Mandela, who said that, “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”.

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