Mohammed Majam - 50 Years of WBS
50 Years of Memories at Wits Business School
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Mohammed Majam

Current title
Technical Head: HIV Self-Testing, Wits RHI, University of the Witwatersrand


Course at Wits Business School
Management Advancement Programme, 2008
Certificate Programme in Marketing Management, 2010
Master in Business Administration, 2016


A defining moment in my career

The Wits Business School has played an incredibly important role in shaping not just my career but also much of the person I am today. There have been several defining moments in my career, but undoubtedly the moment that stands out was when I was enrolled on the Management Advancement Programme (MAP) in 2008 with classmates a lot more senior and experienced than me. As a 24-year-old, not meeting the minimum age criterion for entry into the programme, I had to step out of the shadows, from which I usually found comfort, to put myself out there or face being overawed by those around me.


I assumed the role of syndicate leader. As a generally shy individual at the time, I forced myself to take on these leadership roles. Initially, I had questioned my credibility, but as the course went on, I gained more and more confidence. That confidence to believe that my age won’t define me has stuck with me and opened doors in my career I could never have imagined. I ended up finishing as the top student for the year and have never looked back.

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